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SCAN in the commercial sector.

“We are very impressed with the profound  relevance of Ron’s approach to our complex and turbulent business landscape.”

Steven Fitzpatrick, Strategy Director, Social Business Group, London


SCAN in the public sector

“The session was really relevant, fantastic at getting everyone involved.   We got real buy-in from the team.”

Bernard Sheridan, Green Spaces Manager, Charnwood Borough Council


SCAN in the community sector

 “Without you I think it would have been difficult, if not impossible to bring us all together so well.”

Robert Morgan, Chairman, British Federation for Brass Bands


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Solution focussed team building - Managing change - Strategy, vision and action planning 


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Coaching and mentoring - Leadership and management training - Negotiation skills - Assertiveness & confidence building 


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Understanding and resolving social issues - networking - building trust (click for more info)

What are Sociodrama and Action Methods, and why do they work so well?

When you work with a Sociodramatist, there won't be any passengers.   Everyone will be up on their feet, moving about, mapping their experiences and looking at things from different points of view.  


We work with creativity and spontaneity, allowing everyone space to reflect on the bigger picture and choices they can make.  By accessing our imaginations, we can unlock limitless possibilities.  The process is accessible and delivered in a way that makes sure everyone feels comfortable and engaged.  Sociodrama and Action Methods offer an excellent opportunity to get to know your own full potential and that of those around you!  Just have a go to find out for yourself....


What's On - Training and Events

Sociodrama and Action Methods Taster Sessions

June 6th 10am - 1pm

£10 for the session, at the Montgomery opposite Sheffield  Town Hall

Facilitators: Merry Evans and Valerie Monti Holland

For more creativity and spontaneity, come and dip your toe in the water....

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What is Bibliodrama?  An Introductory Session

Saturday 17th October 2015 10am – 1pm

£10 for the session, at the Montgomery opposite Sheffield Town Hall

Facilitator: Ron Wiener.  For more information please contact Merry Evans 07772 344020, or 

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Bespoke training can be provided for groups – please just get in touch

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Creative Action in the Faith Sector

A series of workshops running throughout 2015 promoting the use of creative action methods with faith groups and communities.